1. Prepare an analysis of the requirements of a business carrying on operations in Australia to prepare business accounting systems for the introduction of the custom essay

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1. Prepare an analysis of the requirements of a business carrying on operations in Australia to prepare business accounting systems for the introduction of the ‘Carbon Tax’, based on publicly available information. Prepare this analysis for:
a. A business which is directly affected
b. A business which is indirectly affected.

2. Access the ATO, Treasury, and professional Accounting organisations’ websites to identify the way the new tax is described, and using your knowledge of accounting principles, practices and Accounting Standards, consider how the new transactions will be recorded in the books and reports of the business.

3. Prepare a professional report to advise the Managing Director of the Company of how the tax will operate and the necessary systems that will have to be implemented.

4. Ensure that your analysis covers key areas relevant to the operation of the tax on an ongoing basis for both types of business.

5. Refer to the relevant principles, policies and methodologies provided in your text book in preparing your analysis.

6. Your report must be approximately 2500 words, presented to a high professional standard. Use single sided, 1 ½ line spacing in 11 point Arial font. Use appropriate headings and sub-headings to organise your report.

7. Marks will be allocated for correct presentation of required elements including:

a. Cover sheet, including name, student number, subject and date due
b. Index, footnotes and pagination
c. Introduction
d. Executive Summary
e. Recommendation
f. Harvard style references and bibliography

8. References are required for all but your own words. Quotations of over 10% of assignment will result in a zero result – refer to plagiarism policy.

9. Total marks for this assessment – 20%

Also I am an international student who undertaking bachelor of accounting course in australia. My native language isnt english, so therefore i would like to see an essay less profesional than a native english speaker.

When my writer works on this case study i would like him or her to consider that this case going to be handled in an Australian educational institution so it need to be meet with the australian standards and it should be based on the textbook we are using for this subject and some research from australian websites.

Please do not forget that its going to be made for an international student so it should be simplifield, but should meet the criteries it has been provided in the case study outline.
For additional. For referencing we use the harvard system of referencing.

For Additional. For referencing we use harvard system reference.

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