Adult Pain Management in Total Joint Replacements, 24 hours post surgery. Essay Help

this is a continuance of my first essay, Directions: Review the handout on example responses to the questions. Submit your answers to the questions below. Your responses will be used to continue development of your Barebones Proposal. Questions Submit answers to these nine questions in a word document under assignments as an attachment. Answer all 9 questions. Your responses should be written using correct paragraph and sentence structures with appropriate referencing as noted below. 1. Who or what are you studying (your population- people, events, behaviors, others)? 2. What is your purpose? 3. What is your research question or hypothesis? Also, state why you chose a research question or hypothesis. . 4. What are the variables? Identify the independent and dependent variables. Define the variables operationally. In other words, how will you measure or observe the variable? Remember one can either affect the other through an intervention or one can be related to what occurs with the other. 5. What is your design? Need to state more than just quantitative. Be specific. Qualitative is not allowed for this assignment or the Barebones Proposal. 6. Why is this design appropriate for your proposed study?* State the rationale for the selected design. 7. What are the strengths and limitations of the proposed design?* 8. How are you going to obtain your sample? 9. What are the strengths and limitations of your proposed sampling plan? *Answers to these questions should be referenced using APA. Attach reference list to assignment. Will upload Grading Tool. Thanks 🙂

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