Aging and Professional Practice & Ageism in the Media Research Paper

Outline your understanding of the concept of “Ageism” as it relates to older people.

Include the following:

1) a definition of ageism,

2) discussion of ageism in both it’s positive and negative forms

3) discussion of medical ageism

4) discussion of the potential impact of ageism on the wellbeing of older people

Include references to at least 3 academic texts ( supplied readings and/or refereed journal articles, text books) using correct APA style for citation and reference list.

5) Select two media items (advertisements, newspaper or magazine articles, TV ads or programs) which include representations of older people, one which you consider ageist and one which you don’t find ageist. For each item, briefly describe the content and analyse it in relation to ageism, showing the reasons for your conclusion as to whether or not it is ageist.

Recommended reading / resources
The following is a sample list of additional reading on topics introduced in this subject.

It is not required that you read all of these resources and you may wish to do your own literature searches to find further reading on the topics.

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