Airbus company Custom Esay

Chapter 4 (Ethics and Social Responsibility):
Is your company ethical? Does it have a code of ethics? What ethical issues has your company faced, if any? What has it done to correct potential ethical problems? Have ethical problems had a negative impact on performance or customer’s perceptions? Does your company understand the importance of social responsibility? Can you provide examples of social responsibility? In your opinion, is your company socially responsible?

Chapter 6 (Organizational Strategy):
Identify the Mission, Goals, and Strategies of your company. Perform a SWOT Analysis. Discuss the Five Forces Model as it pertains to your company. Is the company aware of these competitive forces? Identify the positioning of the different products/services according to the BCG matrix and any relevant Industry-level (e.g. low cost, differentiation, focus) as well as Corporate-level strategies (e.g. concentration on a single business, related and unrelated diversification).

Discuss the various phases of the French Revolution in terms of the conditions that led to each phase, what was achieved (or not achieved) and why each phase came to an end.

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