American History Questions ew Politics, significance of the Bay of Pigs Invasion Research Paper

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Chapter 28

1. What were the “New Politics”?

2. What is the significance of the Bay of Pigs Invasion?

3. Please discuss three of President Kennedy’s “bold initiatives”?

4. Briefly describe the following organizations: the SNCC, and CORE?

5. What was the Cuban Missile Crisis?

6. How did the U.S. slowly begin to get involved in the affairs of Vietnam?

7. How did President Johnson attempt to assist the movements for civil rights?

8. What was the Great Society?

9. Describe three of the main pieces of Great Society reform?

10. What was the agenda of the “War on Poverty”?

11. What was the significance of “escalation”?

12. What was Operation: Rolling Thunder?

13. How did student activism begin and grow in the United States?

14. What was the counterculture? Is there anything like it today?

15. What was happening with African-Americans after 1965?

16. What was happening with Mexican-Americans at this sometime?
17. What was the Tet Offensive?

18. What happened at, the Democratic National Convention in 1968?

19. Why did Americans vote for Richard Nixon in 1968?

Chapter 29

1. How did Nixon go about dismantling some of the Great Society programs?
2. Which major entitlement programs did Nixon support?

3. Why was it difficult for Nixon to stick to a straight conservative-Republican path as president?

4. How did Nixon and Kissinger work toward detente or a balance of power in the world?

5. What difficulties did Nixon face in Vietnam?

6. What was the Watergate scandal about?

7. What were the aims of the feminist movement? How and why did NOW come about?

8. What were the aims of the ERA and why did it fail?

9. How did the gay rights movement begin?

10. What was affirmative action and why was it controversial?

11. Why was there an energy crisis?

12. How and why did the environmental movement come about?

13. What were Jimmy Carter’s problems as president?

Chapter 30

1. How did America begin to shift toward conservatism at this time, and what was the New Right?

2. How did Reagan appeal to Americans in 1980 as opposed to Carter?

3. What was the basic premise behind Reaganomics?

4. What was Iran-Contra gate?

5. What was problem for the U.S. in Nicaragua?

6. What brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union?

7. What shifts came about within the Supreme Court during the George H. W. Bush presidency?

8. What was the problem with Clarence Thomas and how did he affect the Bush presidency?

9. How did the U.S. get more involved in the affairs of the Middle Eats at this time?

10. What were some of the problems of Bill Clinton’s first term?

11. What is the significance of Newt Gingrich?

Chapter 31

1. What sort of economic problems did America confront in the late 20th century?

2. Describe the process of globalization? Do you think that this is a good or bad development?

3. Describe some of the high points of the computer revolution?

4. What sort of culture wars were being fought at this time?

Chapter 32

1. What was the trouble with the Election of 2000?

2. What was the “Bush Agenda”?

3. How did the U.S. get into the Iraq War?

4. What is the Patriot Act and how did it pass?

5. How did President Bush change the legal terrain in terms of his Justice

6. Why did Barack Obama prevail over John McCain in the Election of 2008? And do YOU think that President Obama has done a good or bad job up till now, or is the verdict of history still out?

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