Analyse and discuss the meaning of 2 print adverts from a sociological and marketing perspective Research Paper

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Individual essay (1500 words) DEADLINE: 5.3.2012, 4 pm
Analyse and discuss the meaning of 2 print adverts from a sociological and marketing perspective. (The ads should be attached in the appendix as scans)
Analysing ads form a sociological perspective means you should use the qualitative method of Semiology to analyse your ads as explained briefly below. From a marketing perspective we want you to discuss your ads in realtion to the aspects of ostensive and covert communications. Both aspects will be covered in tutorials!
Semiology is a method that analyses the signs and symbols of visuals. The focus is on what signs and symbols in an ad for instance can communicate. This can be achieved by applying three dimension to the analysis process: Semantics, Syntactics and Pragmatics.
Semantics explore the relation between sign and the things to which they refer, their meaning or denotata.
Syntactics investigate the relations among signs in formal structures such as language used.
Pragmatics look at the relation between signs and the effects they have on the people who use them.
Based on these three dimensions, which should be incorporated and explained in your essay you should discuss the story, message, symbols, values and meaning of the chosen ads and compare them (How are they different, how are they similar).
Ostensive communications means (Tanaka, Advertising langauge, 1994):
An overt form of communication, where there is on the part of the speaker an intention to alter the mutual cognitive environment of the speaker and the recipient.
Covert communications means (Tanaka, Advertising langauge, 1994):
A case of communication where the speaker has an intention to alter the cognitive environment of the recipient i.e. to make a set of assumptions more manifest to him/her without making this intentino mutually manifest.
The individual essay should be structured as follows:
? Short introduction of the ads chosen (200 words)
? Analysis & Discussion (should include subsections)
o Semantics, Syntactic, Pragmatics (450 words)
o Ostensive versus Covert Communications (450 words) o Discussion of both sections (300 words)
? Conclusion (100 words)
? References
Marking criteria are as follows:
? Presentation and Style (includes structure, language, etc.) (Weighing 10%)
? Evidence of reading and theoretical application (weighing 30%)
? Analysis & Critical Discussion of findings (weighing 30%)
? Development and Insight based on discussion and theoretical application (this is
mainly focsued on your ability of critically approaching a topic and linking it back to theory) (weighing 30%)
Submission via Ulearn, please submit a Word document so that we can add comments! You also need to include the feedback sheet in the end.

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