Analysis of the Business Environment Research Paper

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(a) Using the data in unemployment table and data from choose any four countries where data is continuous from 1990to2010,and correlate inflation against unemployment for the period producing the relevant graphs and correlation values .

(b) Interpret the results suggesting any other factors that may be of relevance to what you have found.

I chose (Italy-Japan- turkey and United States)


(a) Choose any one country with continuous data from 1990 and do a time series analysis on both inflation and unemployment. from your results, predict both inflation and unemployment in that country in 2014.

(b) Give an estimation of the accuracy of your results and distinguish any factors that may cause them to be inaccurate.

I chose (Italy)

-Assessment criteria

1- The accuracy of the diagrams and the results

2- The accuracy of the statistical methods employed

3- The depth of analysis of the factors behind the results

4-The clarity of the diagrams and their readability

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