Analyze the functions of key components in information technology infrastructure Custom Essay

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1. Cellular device networks must support a large number of users from each wireless tower and so rely extensively
On multiplexing technologies. Research current cellular device technology and describe at least three different
Types of multiplexing employed. You should both explain the multiplexing technique in general and describe how I Is employed within the cellular device network.
2. Noise, cross-talk, and other forms of interference are a significant issue in any communications infrastructure.
Compare and contrast how this problem would manifest for analog data transmitted with an analog signal, for
Analog data transmitted with a digital signal, for digital data transmitted with an analog signal, and for digital data transmitted with a digital signal. Be sure to compare the quality of the resulting communication as well as the physical description.
3. Compare and contrast parity check, checksum, and hamming code. Include both error detection and error correction considerations.

Read the discussion of “Resilient Communities” (pages 423-428) in your Blakely and Leigh text. Spend some time with Table 14.2 presented on p. 425 and think about the characteristics presented there. Choose one of those characteristics that you feel is the MOST important element for a “resilient community” to have and defend your choice. Directions: 1. Begin your Thought Assignment by identifying your chosen characteristic. 2. Follow-up with your convincing rationale as to why you believe it is the most important characteristic of a “resilient community.” In this section, properly cite at least four (4) different authors from our assigned readings to support your choice. Set forth the rationale and arguments behind each author’s perspective in a well-organized and thorough way. These perspectives should speak to and support your “resilient community” characteristic in a clear and strong way. 3. Include a complete and properly-formatted reference list (per Turabian). 4. This essay should be between 1750 and 3000 words (including references). Points will be assigned based on these numbered items. Failure to address any aspect of these will trigger point deductions.

Here are the characteristics to choose from..

1. Leadership is representative of the community.
2. Elected community leadership is visionary, shares power, and builds consensus.
3. Community members are involved in significant community decisions.
4. The community feels a sense of pride.
5. People feel optimistic about the future of the community.
6. There is a spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation in the community.
7. People feel a sense of attachment to their community.

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