Anthropology and Morocco: What are the anthropological, cultural, ethnic, geographic, and historical perspectives of/about this area Research Paper

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They are An association between them both. and you have two page to finish.

answer following each Questions for each page!!!!!!!!!!!!

I choose china for a work side.
page one for those is the time to share your guiding questions and the kind of long-term anthropological research and fieldwork that you would like to perform.
2.Where in the world is your proposed fieldwork site?
3.What are the anthropological questions that you will be asking, and why does this research matter?
4.What have you learned about this place so far?
5.What are the anthropological, cultural, ethnic, geographic, and historical perspectives of/about this area?
6.What is the overall cultural landscape of this area? How are the environment, geography, culture, and language of this area related? What do you know about this area?
7.What is it about this area that makes it interesting? What do you hope to learn by conducting anthropological fieldwork in this area?

page two for those

(and at the end of the project) you will be expected to know the anthropological precedents of your study. You will need to know what has previously been researched on your topic, and who has conducted research in your area.((I choose china for a work side. )

You are going to review some of the existing anthropological research on the geographical area that you have selected. (I choose china for a work side. )

In most cases, you will find that anthropologists have conducted research in your area of choice. You will need to find books and articles that are relevant to your area, and to the topics or issues that you are studying.(I choose china for a work side. )

Using the query “anthropology and morocco” yields nearly 75 articles to sift through, and many of them are available as PDFs. This is a great way to learn about the professional writing style used by anthropologists as you learn more about your subject.

For this assignment, you must utilize and cite 10 articles/essays in MLA format. Although you should plan on reading the majority of them, your main task for this assignment is to summarize three to five that are the most relevant to your proposed research site and project. This is the beginning of your bibliographic information on your subject and you can expect to add to this list as you proceed.

1.What are the anthropological precedents for your study? Has this area been studied by anthropologists in the past? Who was the first anthropologist to study this area?

2.Summarize the major anthropological conclusions. What have these anthropologists written about this area and culture?

3.How has this area changed since anthropological studies where first carried out in this area?

4.Has anyone conducted research on your topic in this place or in other places of the world? Summarize these results as well.

MLA Citation Guide
Gather information from 10 academic articles and to summarize three to five that are the most relevant to your project.

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