Argumentative paper on Religion in American politics Custom Essay

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Please write the paper based on the professor’s syllabus below.
Identity in Language: An Exploration into the Social Implications of Linguistic Variation, Polly Sterling claims that A single utterance can reveal much about a speaker: his/her background, place of birth or nation of origin, social class, or even social intent, that is, whether s/he wants to appear friendly or distant, familiar or deferential, superior or inferior (2). But the words we wield expose more than our backgrounds and immediate social intentions; they also signify the selves we desire to project and eventually become. And at the same time, the language we find ourselves immersed in our classrooms, in our social groups, in the media?is constantly reaffirming who we should be. In her book English with an Accent, Rosina Lippi-Green notes that language expresses the way individuals situate themselves in relationship to others, the way they group themselves, the powers they claim for themselves and the powers they stipulate to others? (31).

And because language is so inextricably linked to issues of power and identity, momentous cultural, social, and political debates often play out at the level of language and terminology. For instance, the firestorm that flared after the release of Nuestro Himno, the Spanish version of the Star Spangled Banner, a few years ago was part of the bigger ongoing debate over illegal immigration. When former president George W. Bush who both campaigned and gave many of his addresses in Spanish?cautioned that people who want to be a citizen of this country ought to learn English. And they ought to learn to sing the national anthem in English, he was not just saying that immigrants coming to the United States must assimilate: he was sending a clear signal to conservatives that he stood with them on what many of them see as a clash between national identity and multiculturalism?

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