Assessing and strengthening current project portfolio management capability Research Paper

Project managers and organization senior management have the capacity and authority to change corporate policies; contract, dismiss and promote staff members with a little effort, but changing the whole or almost the entire organization culture is a hard task.
Managers, as initial step, should get the ?hearts? and ?minds? of their teams, making individuals to understand the reason and the strategy behind the change, converting those people not at once, but getting first the commitment of staff members that have organizational influence; look for ways to keep people involved, realising that this new status quo is necessary to the company; and innovation, mainly during the changing period, should be encouraged through a democratic company culture, adjustable schedules, few meetings, and distinct (interdisciplinary) project members. A well-defined change management approach, when involves and gets commitment from team members can go far way toward solving any issue (Murray, 2012).

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