Assessing Environmental Impact Custom Essay

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This assignment must be fully answered and completed the 4 Tasks requirements that you’ll see in the assignment brief, also to achieve a higher mark it does say on the back of the assignment brief how to do so, so please flow the instruction to do so very carefully. also you’ll have to analyses the technical requirements for the control of pollution and the recycling of waste materials and analyses physical and chemical implication of typical pollutants/waste materials and specify appropriate technological and management approaches to minimise environmental impact.
This assignment mustn’t have any plagiarisms on it at all and everything must be referenced too ” he said a very range of references to be used at least using 12 or more in this assignment needed to be on it” and also want to see some figures and diagram and headings.
On the recommendation section:
1- could use the cost
2- first and media that could help to improve it too.

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