Assessment 2 Research Paper

Continuing care of Molly from Assessment 1, she has now deteriorated. Molly has had a fall at home. She has been admitted to hospital following confirmation by X-ray of a fractured neck of femur. On admission to the Emergency department, Molly requests pain relief. She has been scheduled for a Right Total Hip replacement tomorrow. You may wish to refer to the video related to Assessment one regarding Molly’s health status. Paper should include: – A description of the anatomy and physiology of the hip joint. – Briefly discuss the physical assessments that should be performed on arrival to the ward post-operatively. Using critical thinking, state why you have included these assessments. – Discuss your post-operative plan of care when prioritising nursing management of Molly on her return to the ward. Discuss rationales for each nursing intervention based upon evidence based practice. – Outline strategies for ongoing care and discharge planning for Molly upon leaving hospital. You will need: – Title page-student name, student number, course code, term/year, name of course coordinator, name of assignment and due date for submission – Include header with student name and number and a footer or page numbers – Essay format includes an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Use double line spacing, single page and Times New Roman12 font. – A Reference list that adheres to APA presentation guidelines and indicates that you have read widely and on a separate page. The inclusion of evidence based clinical guidelines accessed from websites is acceptable. It is preferred you use academic peer reviewed articles/ journals. NB: Journal articles used must be less than 5 years old and textbooks less than 10 years old.

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