Auditing is a systematic process and often auditors face many challenges in effectively executing this engagement custom essay

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Critically evaluate this statement:
“Auditing is a systematic process and often auditors face many challenges in effectively executing this engagement. Demand for effective use of technology, higher performance expectations and potential liabilities in failing to meet these expectations, create barriers for effective audit performance.”
Instructions (For detailed instructions, please refer the unit outline)
This assessment is a group assignment and students must attempt this assignment as a group of minimum of three and maximum of four students and it is your responsibility to form a group. Students must include at the end of the assignment a declaration stating the names of the group members and the contribution of each member toward the assignment. Each member must contribute to this assignment approximately equally. Failure to provide a declaration will result a penalty of 10 % of total marks for the essay.
Please note at any circumstances the assignment will not be marked, if it is not attempted and completed as a group assignment.
Total word limit for entire assessment is 2,500 words.
Students must submit the assignments through Moodle on or before the due date (Thursday the 12th of April at 5PM). If you place the assignment in the wrong box and the assignment reaches me after the due date you will incur a late penalty.

Assignment 2 Marking Criteria:
Your work will be assessed on the following basis:
1.knowledge, understandability and application of auditing concepts as explained and discussed in the unit (40%);
2.critical analysis (30%);
3.research and inquiry skills including appropriate referencing skill(15%) ;and
4.effective communication (15%).
Assignment Presentation Requirements:
1.Students must type the assignment using a word processing package.
2.The pages must be numbered.
3.A copy of the assignment must be kept and the student must be able to provide a copy at short notice should one be required.
4.The assignment must be checked for errors for spelling and grammar.
5. You must sign and attach a coversheet with your assignment. The coversheet will be uploaded on Moodle.
6.Citations used in assessment items must follow Harvard referencing style. If you are unfamiliar with Harvard referencing please seek the assistance of Library staff.
7.At the front of the assignment there must be a title page showing your name, the date the assignment is due and the total number of words.
8.A left margin of 40mm is required to allow for written comments.
9. Submission of assignments in soft copies will not be accepted. Therefore, the date of the email attachment as the proof of meeting the submission deadline will not be accepted. The receipt date of the assignment should be the receipt date when the hard copy of the assignment is actually received. Penalties will apply for late submission as per the assignment submission guidelines of the unit.
10.Please do not submit assignments using managers files, sheet protectors etc.

Marks will be deducted for:
l not complying with submission requirements;
l late assignments; and
l plagiarism.
Subject policy on re-submissions, late penalties, absences etc:
Re-submission is not permitted for any item of assessment. All requests for extension, deferred test and deferred examinations must be in writing and addressed to the unit convener. Your first point of contact in this regard must be your unit convener.
l Extension and deferrals are not automatically granted just because a request is made.
l Extension for the assignment will only be granted as allowed under university rules relating to extensions on assignments (see Studying at the University of Canberra: A Guide to Policies and Procedures).
l An extension longer than one week, generally, will not be granted. No assignment will be accepted after one week past the due date.
l You are normally required to provide an original Medical Certificate for extensions and deferrals.
l Unless there are exceptional circumstances (such as where a student is in hospital after a car accident), requests for extensions must be submitted no later than three days after the due date of the assignment. You must also keep a photocopy of your request. If your request for extension is accepted, a new assignment topic will be given.
Student responsibility in relation to assessments:
You must submit your assignment through Moodle on or before the due date. Any assignment received after 5.00pm on the due date, will be considered submitted late and appropriate late penalties will apply.
Students who fail to submit their assignments by the due date, their ID numbers will be posted on the Home Page of the unit’s Learn Online site. You must contact the unit convenor within 24 hours of the publication of the ID numbers.
If there is any doubt with regard to the requirements of any particular assignment or assessment procedure, the onus for clarifying the issue rests with the student who must contact the unit convener about the matter.

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