AUTOBIOGRAPHY, PART II: MIDDLE CHILDHOOD, ADOLESCENCE & EARLY ADULTHOOD.Unit II covers Chapters 5, 6 & 7, so your essay should address some of the major topics in those chapters. Some of the topics you should consider from middlechildhood would be: Physical development/growtho Health? Accidents? Psychological disorders? Boys/girls? Nutrition? Obesityo Motor developmento Special needs? Cognitive developmento Improvementso Languageo School? Reading? Math? Basic experienceo Intelligence? Testing?? Special programs? Social & Personality Development/growtho Self-esteemo Moral development behaviorso Friendshipso Status & Popularityo Friendshipso Family life.? Siblings? Self-care? Divorce? Blended family/stepfamilySome of the topics you should consider from adolescence would be: Genetic Influences any of these that are still an issue for you in this stage Physical development/growtho Pubertyo Early/late maturationo Sex education and/or sexual behavioro Body imageo Health? drug/alcohol use? eating disorderso Motor skills Cognitive development/growtho Scriptso Maturity in cognitive growth? Adolescent egocentrism? Personal fable? Imaginary audienceo Poor decision-makingo School achievement.o Media participation/influences Social & Personality development/growtho Identify vs. role confusiono Identity statuso Religion, spiritualityo Identity of race/gendero Depression/suicideo Relationships with family? Autonomy? Conflict? Cultural differenceso Relationships with Peers? Popularity & Rejection? Peer pressure? Juvenile delinquency? Sexual behavior, orientation & teen pregnancySome of the topics you should consider from young adulthood would be: Physical development/growtho Health/Pregnancy, if applicableo Nutrition/Physical Fitnesso Risk-taking.o Stressors Cognitive development/growtho Maturity in cognitive growtho Intelligenceo College decision-making (See writing prompts in Module)o Career selection/focus Social & Personality development/growtho Intimacy vs. Isolationo Loving relationships/partnershipso Friendshipso How did you or do you choose a spouse?o Specific characteristics in partner.Remember that you will be addressing some of the topics from childhood again, since they may be applicable now. For example, if your parents got divorced and/orremarried in this stage, you would want to bring that back in for this paper. Some of these topics might be VERY influential in your development and others not asmuch. The essay will not be graded based on whether or not you discuss all of these topics/subtopics, but the general influences and specific examples of those mostcritical..Essay Assignments: During this course, students will be reviewing the major influences on human development from the prenatal stage to the adulthood stage. Physical, cognitiveand psychosocial influences need to be considered based on the research found in the text and in other academic sources. Each unit will require a 5-7 page review of the students own development in light of the significant influences during this stage of development. (The lengthof the paper will vary, depending on the ages/stages covered in each unit, but good essays usually are a minimum of 1500 words, often longer.) Students should include material from the readings to support their analysis. These assignments can be accessed through our CA site. Students should write each essay and save it as a Word document. Then they can be uploaded to CA.Further instructions will be found with the assignment online. The essays will be graded according to the rubric, complete with comments and be worth up to 50 points. Always return to the assignment to review the rubricand the comments after each essay has been graded..

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