Bachelor of Communication will undergo a Program Review Program Review Report custom essay

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In 2013 the Bachelor of Communication will undergo a Program Review. A Review Panel, made up of academic specialists and industry professionals, will be convened to investigate the structure and content of the degree and its courses. The Panel will be provided with reports and submissions from a variety of sources.
The purpose of this Final Project in CMSN3480 ? Editing Multimedia Publications is to create a submission for the Program Review.

Each student will write a Review Submission. The Submission will analyse the data collected in the surveys and the analysis of the MyUniversity data.
Required Structure and Content
1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction 3. Quantitative Research Methods
a. Survey Technique 4. The CMNS3480 Surveys
a. Noteworthy Results from the Staff Survey b. Noteworthy Results from the 3rd Year Student Survey c. Noteworthy Results from the 2nd Year Student Survey d. Noteworthy Results from the 1st Year Student Survey
5. The MyUniversity Results a. Statement of the Key Findings from the MyUniversity site
6. Conclusions a. Synthesis of results across all surveys
7. Recommendations 8. Bibliography 9. Appendix
a. Staff Survey b. 3rd Year Student Survey c. 2nd Year Student Survey d. 1st Year Student Survey e. MyUniversity Results

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