Battle of Trafalgar

I have chosen the naval battle of Trafalgar Research a significant battle that demonstrates a leader’s use of the Mission Command activities in Army Doctrine Reference Publications (ADRP) 6-0 and 5-0. Address at least four of the Mission Command Principles – Build cohesive teams through Mutual Trust – Create Shared Understanding – Provide a clear Commander’s Intent – Exercise disciplined initiative. – Use Mission Orders – Accept Prudent Riskin the paper. Write a 6 page (body of text) paper briefly describing the battle and thoroughly describing the leader’s Mission Command principals. For example, General Washington Accepted prudent risk by reinforcing his troops€¦The paper must include four references consisting of four books or scholarly published articles or a combination of both.!!!Ensure all sources are cited IAW with the Chicago Writing Style. The standard writing format is the Chicago writing style. Times New Roman OR Arial, 12-font will be used for this paper. , this paper cannot use passive voice and the bottom line must be up front, the thesis statement should be the first sentence and each paragraph should start with the point of the paragraphYou can use these sources. And please, use some other sources.Make a cover page and bibliography pagePlease, follow the info in the files attached

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