Best Practice Communication Skills – Reflection on a scenario of a performance appraisal Research Paper

Hi, I need a Reflective Essay on conducting a performance appraisal (viewed from perspective as part of a performance management program). It doesn’t have to address all the issues wrong in the video but there are main items (or similar types of issues) I want to address; namely the manager’s inadequate provision to the employee of the follwoing: 1) No specific direction given 2) No personal feedback given 3) No guidance given to the employee to improve 4) Non-preparedness of both manager & employee 5) Manager’s busyness & it’s effect on the probable outcomes. However, addressing a selection of any other issue that the manager is deficient in is fine too, for example, impersonal location. The essay must include the following: (1) An EVALUATION of the specific communication skills used and whether they were utilised effectively. (2) A DISCUSSION on how these and other relevant communication skills could have been better utilised to possibly improve outcomes. (3) Use of relevant INDICATORS of GOOD COMMUNCATION practice to evaluate the experience of the communication processes involved. (4) From this evaluation and from relevant THEORY and RESEARCH, develop and justify some BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES for the skill set that could be used in the office/organisational context. Note: The number of references is an approximate estimate, more or slightly less is fine. I will upload a file for a recommended format for this essay, however the essay doesn’t have to follow the format exactly but it must include the items given somewhere appropriate within it.

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