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For each report, you must post 3-5 well-written paragraphs that represent your reflection on the required reading(s) for the week.
You must include at least 1 reference (with author, date and page number) to a reading from that week plus 2 questions that can be discussed in tutorial.

Hints and Guidelines:
You do not have to summarize the reading…everyone else will read it,
but your paragraphs will demonstrate you understand the concept and have not pulled it from thin air. Here are some examples of what you might focus on in a paragraph:
? ?concept/comment X stood out to me because I hadn‘t thought about X in that way? and then explain further
? ?X does not seem to correspond to a previous reading I did…so perhaps an alternative should be proposed? and then explain
? ?X current event is a good example of this concept at work? and then explain how the concept applies to the current event
Questions should demonstrate higher order thinking skills (not definitions) such as explaining, comparing, applying, synthesising or analysing a point. The goal is to provide conversation starters for the tutorial that will help you and your group be better prepared for the assignments and exam.

Comments to posts made by your peers should demonstrate respect for your peers and extend the conversation. You may start by agreeing, disagreeing or liking a point that was made that you would like to expand. For example, you can take a point they have made and provide further examples or thought to help clarify it or make it stronger

Grading Criteria:

Reflection paragraphs (50%)
? Paragraphs are 6-8 sentences long and develop one main idea.
? Minimum of 3 well-developed paragraphs (max of 5)
? Higher order thinking demonstrated. For example, synthesis, analysis, compare/contrast or application (i.e. do not just summarize points from the reading)
? Reference one of the readings for the topic by author, date and page (use the proper referencing style)
? Spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct
Questions (20%)
? Thoughtful and related to points raised in reflection paragraphs
? Open ended to generate discussion and not make a statement

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