Bilingualism Is An Asset Custom Essay

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This paper is designed to engage students’ critical thinking and analytic abilities. Therefore, the paper will be evaluated primarily on the basis of how well it addresses the complexity of issues.
Social life is remarkably complex. Because of the dynamic nature of social life, sociologists employ a number of different theoretical perspectives and methods for conducting sociological research. Your grade for this assignment is based on the ability to:
• Clearly and coherently demonstrate the sociological scope of the chosen research issue.
• Apply and evaluate how the functionalist, conflict, and symbolic interactionist perspectives explain your chosen social issue.
• Assess the strengths and limitations of the social research design and methods in your selected sources.
• Express your learning clearly in writing.
Topic and Approach:
Choose a research topic that interests you.
Please note that in this assignment you do not generate your own data by conducting surveys or any other type of primary research. Rather, your paper is based on information obtained from published research as it relates to your chosen topic.
Your research topic must be sociological in scope. Avoid a biomedical or a purely psychological approach.

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