Bio Research Paper

Choose one (just one) of the topics presented below and write a brief essay that summarizes the article or video. Include your own thoughts about the topic, and back up your opinions with examples from the link. Cops are asking and 23andMe for their customers DNA http story 215204 lawenforcementagenciesareaskingancestrycomand23andmefortheircustomersdna A Genetic Mutation That Can Affect Mental & Physical Health https blog theintegrationist 201409 geneticmutationcanaffectmentalphysicalhealth Whats a GMO? Jimmy Kimmel Live https watch?v=EzEr23XJwFY CRISPR (Radiolab Podcast) http story antibodiespart1crispr GeneEdited Cells Reverse Cancer in Baby Girl http tech biotechnology geneeditedcellsreversecancerinbabygirl151106.htm The Truth about Genetically Modified Food http article thetruthaboutgeneticallymodifiedfood Parthuman, partpig embryos created by scientists to grow human organs in pigs http story news nationnow 2016 06 06 ucdaviscaliforniachimeraparthumanpartpigembryosscientistsgroworgantransplants 85506798 CRITICAL THINKING ASSIGNMENT RUBRIC Content (2 point) Article summary is complete and relevant (2 point) Personal opinion is provided (2 points) Opinion is supported with examples and details Length (1 point) 300500 words Mechanics (1 point) Spelling Grammar Punctuation

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