Blended Learning Environment to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills in Urban School Custom Paper

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This is a research paper means NO opinion except in the conclusion. Thus, every things HAS to be cited with page number even if it’s not direct quote.
Resources: Books or scientific journal paper and article. No magazines or websites.

I am writing this paper for cultural foundation class but it is meant to be a base for a dissertation. I mean I would like to mention how technology can enhance critical thinking in social study class such as history (my professor is historian) and I would like to see how technology enhance students critical thinking in second language class (my interest). Thus, I would like to focus in these two area.
This paper aim to find how integrating technology (social media: Twitter, Facebook , multi-media, etc) into classroom enhances students’ critical thinking skills.
This topic has been searched, but it has diverse results. you should show the both sides with focus in the proponent of using the technology.

Introduction: address why critical thinking is important, critical thinking definition, how blended learning environment can help to achieve the goal of enhance critical thinking skills.

Literature review:

conclusion: how the teacher’s role is important and technology can not simply enhance critical thinking without crucial teacher role.

I would really include more subtitle but I would rather see what you suggest to make this a good paper. costumer service told me we can work together to develop this paper, so if you give me outlines and share thought with each other. to agree what you write.
I really had a very bad experience with another writing company so please if you do not have background in the topic let me know so I can find someone else.

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