BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE DISTRIBUTION AT WALMART CANADA Prepare a 800 word INTRODUCTION ONLY to the case, following the below outline: 1. What is the case study about? o What does the organisation do? o What is the Transformation? 2. What is the nature of their operations? 3. What are the issues highlighted in the case study? 4. What recommendations would you make to the Board? INTRODUCTION TO WALMART – WHO THEY ARE/WHAT THEY DO/WHY Walmart is committed to: – World’s largest store that provides food, apparel and household products to customers across the world – Located in 28 countries globally – Provides: o Economic opportunity for our associates, suppliers and others in the retail supply chain o enhanced environmental and social sustainability; whilst o strengthening the communities in which we live and work. THE BUSINESS CASE….. BUILDING SUSTAINABILITY INTO OPERATIONS DESIGN Introduce Walmart Canada and why building Walmart’s first sustainable distribution centre. Why Supply Chain Sustainability is important globally and to Walmart. (BSR UNGS Supply Chain Report) The first of its kind for Walmart Canada, and first of its kind for Walmart globally. The refrigerated distribution centre will store and facilitate delivery of fresh food to 104 Walmart stores across the mid-west from Winnipeg to Vancouver. Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics has provided the leadership required and the freedom to work within a framework that suits Canada’s local market and business conditions’. See YouTube clip by Walmart: “Walmart’s Sustainable Efforts”. Of why Walmart Canada is building sustainability in our organisation… the business case. This distribution centre is critical in the supply chain of Walmart ensuring that they continue to provide customers with the high quality and low price products we are recognised for. Will continue using Walmart’s Lean management and Six Sigma principles that are embedded in the organisation to drive efficiency and reduce waste. The vision for the 400,000 square feet facility is to become the benchmark for future distribution centres to be constructed by Walmart globally. Walmart Canada will be meeting Walmart’s Global corporate social responsibility / sustainability goals of: ? Being operated by 100 per cent renewable energy ? Creating zero waste ? Selling products that sustain people and the environment The plans for the design and build of this sustainable distribution centre are moving rapidly and expect to be fully operational in 8 months time. RECOMMENDATIONS TO THE BOARD Recommend to the Board how a goal of being 60% more energy-efficient than any other Walmart refrigerated center: By installing: 1. hydrogen fuels cells, to power our materials handling equipment (ie. forklifts)… brief description what it is. 2. LED lighting for “smart refrigeration”… brief description what it is. 3. Solar, thermal, and wind power supply to run the facility… brief description what it is. REFERENCES: 1. Ivey Publishing: Building sustainable distribution at Walmart Canada. Klassen, R.; Johnson, F.; Shafiq, A. 2013. 2. 3. 4. The Conceptualization of Sustainability in Operations Management. David Opresnik & Marco Taisch. 2015. At: 5. BSR UNGS Supply Chain Report: 6. YouTube clip “Walmart’s Sustainable Efforts”: 7. Walmart CSR Report:

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