Business Administration Essay

Assignment Done:

I hope from the CSU admitted me in the business administration major because they admitted my sister and the KSA government required from us to be together in the same university and city and because we are one family .

Please i need the essay after 4 hr and 30 min as soon as. I am international student in Wyoming university and I want to transfer to Colorado state university, which is in fort Collins, to study business administration major . the reason for the transfer because my sister apply for the Colorado state university and they admitted her to study and both of us have a scholarship from the KSA government and they required from us to be to gather (to be both of us in the same university and in the same city and they will not let us to study until we have admission in in the same university and in the same city and I hope from them to help us by admitted me in the university for the spring 2012 ( note: I applied but they do not make the dissuasion admission yet and I worry from them to reject my admission because that I need from you to Convince them to accept me ) and also you can say we are one family and if they reject by admission the KSA government will not let us complete we have to be in the same city and we also one family if we do not see each other we will have home sick and I do not have car to visit her in Colorado and she does not have car also to visit me and that mean we have to rent cap and the cap is very expensive if I want to take a cap from WY to CO they will just arrive me by 300$ and if I want to back to WY the cap will take from me 300 $ and if they admitted me they will make my life easier and we will have a high grade and they will save my money and they will not let us have any kind of homesick and we will have a really high grade and also I have a recommendation from one of my teachers that say I am a really good student and I like my classes and I did my H.W on time and I did not have any absent I will attach it with your essay. Please, please, please Convince them to admitted me.

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