Business Communication-Brochure Project Custom Essay

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Make a brochure and create it for any organization or group you want to support(see below, I have chosen the World Wildlife Federation). This can be a non-profit group or a club.
The document should focus on one or two aspects of the organization that you believe the public should know more about and the current information available does not yet stress.
• Do not simply re-state the organizations current web site or other materials.
• Do not attempt to describe every service or detail of the organization.
Your grade will reflect:
• how well you limit your topic and communicate to your audience about those limited aspects; you should demonstrate that you have anticipated what your audience does and does not need to know
• the word choice (appropriate tone), conciseness and clarity
• the design elements that make the piece appealing and easy to understand–however, this will not be graded for graphic design ability because this is a writing course and not a graphic design course! I am not looking for all the “bells and whistles” of the technology savvy. By design I mean how well you use the basic elements that you should refer to in Chapter 12 “Designing Visual Communication.”(I have attached and uploaded all of chapter 12 for you, you must refer to it while doing this) Your design will be graded on how well you follow the guidelines in Chapter 12(uploaded and attached).
• Important!! Follow the instruction above Exactly.
• The organization I have chosen is the “World Wildlife Federation”(WWF)
• Your main purpose is to assist the organization by providing a type of document that it could actually use and that is different from design and materials it currently uses.
Total points = 200

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