Business Feasibility Study. Entrepreneurship. Research Paper

Assignment: Subject: Entrepreneurship Level: MBA Assignment: Business Feasibility Study. Language: UK English standard Level of write up: Critical analysis. (Very important)The lecturer wants lots of critical analysis. The lecturer does not want too much academic or descriptive writing. Word count: 2,0000 + 10%. (Appendix, References mentioned in the write up and in the reference section will not be counted in the word count). Reference: As per Harvard Referencing. About 20 references will be good. Content Page: Pls include a content page for the assignment. Attachments included: 1. Lecturers guide to writing the assignment. (Assignment 1 Brief) pls follow the requirements for the write up. 2. Universities assignment guidelines. 3. Lecture notes in pdf. 4. €œA€ grade paper. Pls follow this style as much as possible for a €œA€ grade paper. Assignment brief: Pls follow the Grade A paper outline for good grades. Good luck and thanks for this.

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