Business in the Asia Pacific Region custom essay

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Your task is to work individually, taking any East Asian economy (I already choose JAPAN) so the Report wiil be about Japan , to produce a 3500 word report of the country which could be used as suitable briefing material for a business audience. Specifically there are two aspects which you are required to investigate as follows:-

(a) An analysis of that country?s economy which explains its growth and development, identifying key stages in this process and the likely development in the future.

(b) The identification of what you consider to be the key aspects of the country’s development model and an assessment as to the potential for transfer of the model to other developing regions.

It is very important that you use appropriate conceptual frameworks and academic literature to answer the above tasks. Although there is a need to use some descriptive material to illustrate the growth process in the country you have chosen, the majority of the marks will be awarded for explaining that process with the help of suitable theory and literature.

An essay is inappropriate for this task and a report format must be adopted. It is also essential that critical assertions and key comments are referenced and that the referencing system follows the Harvard format. Marks will be deducted in accordance with the School’s conventions for reports which are over the word limit, poorly written or poorly referenced. The word limit applies to the main body of the report only and excludes the contents page, executive summary, list of references consulted, and appendices. It includes tables, figures, and references in the text. You should only include appendices if you refer to them in the text and they are essential material for the reader.

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