Business Law: Give a brief but substantive discussion of the attached articles and questions Custom Essay

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1.West Vincent seeks Ludwig’s Horse Show grounds. Is this an appropriate intrusion of the government into the use of private property? When is it appropriate for the government to restrict your rights to do what you want with your property, and when does it cross the line? Let’s discuss – does this have a "chilling effect" on business?

2.South Carolina Company Sues Former Employee Over
Twitter Followers. Page 121-122 (and chapter 8 generally) discuss the different types of property. What type of "property" is at issue here – and can someone lay claim to it? How would you prove proof of ownership and title? Is this an overreach or common sense.

3. There are 4 short articles for this series of questions. Car flips after hitting ladder on 202,
UPDATE: Police ID driver killed in Route 202 collision in
Westtown.Mythbusters�� Stunt Goes Awry, Sends Cannonball Rocketing Through Homes,Corbett signs texting while driving ban. Now – in articles 1 through 3, how would you make a claim for negligence? That is, how would you prove:

1. Duty

2. Breach of Duty

3. Causation (Proximate Cause and Cause in Fact)

4. Damages

And in addition to that – how does article 4 make it easier to prove duty and breach in cases where someone texts while driving?

Let’s Discuss – just grab several pieces of this and join the conversation. It will probably be a little freewheeling – but let’s give it a try!

4.Jury sets $805,571 penalty for death at county hospital and Jury awards 3 women $72M for cancer caused by
Prempro. What type of tort damages are contemplated in each case? (see page 136, do a little internet searching, and go back to see page 65-66).

Can we make an argument why these damages are appropriate, or why they are inappropriate? Discuss!

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