Business Report Research Paper

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Students are to write a 1500 word report (business report structure). They are to analyse the communications of an organisation (or other situation if they have not worked in an organisation institution, club, charity, association, school or University in which communication is systemic).
The report should discuss key themes covered by the unit – leadership and management communication styles, interpersonal skills, team and group dynamics, the emotional climate of the organisation, verbal and non-verbal cues, oral and written communication processes, work culture, intercultural communication to name a few. It is not necessary to evaluate your organisation against every theme covered in the unit just those that are pertinent to the
organisation and to your analysis of it. However there will be an expectation that your assignment will clearly display an understanding of the modelling, theory and basic skills detailed throughout the Unit.
Students will be expected to demonstrate that they have engaged some of the identifying, surveying and mapping tools included in the unit in reaching their evaluations.
Students are expected to add visual design elements to their assignment. These may include maps, surveys and diagrams/graphs. These must be cut and pasted into one word document so that it can be submitted into SafeAssign.
The student should evaluate how effective this organisation’s strategy is and to make recommendations on how communication processes could be improved based on the ideas presented in this Unit. All students must use the Harvard Reference Guide which can be found in your Course Documents. Make sure you read and understand this document.
Separate referencing and bibliographies are required for assignment

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