Can non-individualistic conceptualizations save leadership? Research Paper

BBA310 LEADERSHIP IN MANAGEMENT – ESSAY TWO 1. The Question Write a 2000 word academic essay on the following question. ‘Can non-individualistic conceptualizations save leadership?’ 2. General Instructions. – This is a 2000 Word Individual Essay – You are required to use essential tutorial readings, several of the additional readings on the ilearn site and concepts and arguments in the lecture slides to answer this question (as a guide, a minimum of 8 articles from the unit would need to be used for this essay). **** I will upload the article and you can use the article ***** – You are required to take a critical, questioning approach in your essay – not to simply reproduce taken-for-granted assertions about the importance of leadership. – You should base your essay on academic articles that have been uploaded for you on the ilearn site and those referenced in lectures. – If you wish to use articles and sources from outside the unit you should be aware that these should only be used to supplement the articles on the ilearn site and referenced in the lectures – to hope to pass the assessment you need to show that you have read and used the articles and readings that constitute this unit. – General discussions of leadership drawn from sources that do not demonstrate engagement with the readings, ideas and syllabus of this unit will result in a fail mark. – A marking rubric is attached at the end of this document and you should check this to see what you are being assessed upon. – No extensions will be granted. There will be a deduction of 10% of the total available marks made from the total awarded mark for each 24 hour period or part thereof that the submission is late (for example, 25 hours late in submission – 20% penalty). – This penalty does not apply for cases in which an application for Disruption of Studies is made to the Faculty and has been approved. 3. Further guidance. – You should use the comments that you received on your first essay to improve your submission for this task. – To this I would also add, based upon some issues we saw with the first essay, that you should: o Be careful how you use the lecture notes: paraphrasing sections from the lecture notes, reproducing the same quotes from articles that were quoted in the lecture notes, or reproducing closely the arguments of the lecture notes does not demonstrate the independent reading of the unit articles that we are looking for. You need to do your own independent reading of the articles and demonstrate that you have done so in your essay. o Be very careful about paraphrasing what you have read. Either use your own words to talk about what you have read or (sparingly) quote directly from the articles and signal that you are quoting by using quotation marks and providing the page reference. Don’t get caught between the middle of these two positions by paraphrasing the articles too closely – you will be penalized for poor referencing, and possibly even for plagiarism, if you do this. – The further guidance that I provided for the first essay still applies for this one: – An essay is an argument. More specifically it is your argument in relation to the question that you have been set. This means that it is not just a summary of someone else’s views or writing. It is instead a piece of academic work in which you present your answer to the question asked, that draws on a range of other people’s published academic material to support and develop your answer. – So, to do this you need to look at the lectures and read-around the subject by selecting from among the tutorial articles and further reading articles on the ilearn site. Having read a fair few articles, and thought about these and the points from the lecture, you then need to start to work out what your overall argument (your own particular answer to the question asked) is going to be. Then start to structure and plan this argument and continue to do more reading to develop and support it. – Your argument must have a clear, logical structure in the finished essay. This means explicit Sections, that each deal with a particular aspect of your core argument, and an Introduction, that tells the reader what you will argue and how you will structure your argument. I would suggest 3 or 4 sections for an essay of this length – plus your Introduction and Conclusion. – Your essay must show evidence of substantial reading of relevant academic material from the ilearn site and it must support its main points through references to this published academic material. For this unit, this means that you need to read, use and cite a minimum of eight essential and/or further readings from the unit ilearn site. – You essay must have a Conclusion which summarises, again, your argument and how you developed this in the main sections of your essay and it must have an alphabetically ordered bibliography of the items referenced in its pages. Marking Criteria for Distinction : More than the minimum of eight tutorial readings and additional readings on the unit ilearn site used and cited. Good evidence of more subtle understanding of the points the readings make. The essay is organized around a core argument that relates to the question asked. A clear Introduction is provided that tells the reader what you will argue and in what sections. The essay is organized around an explicit structure, using a small number of sections to good effect to address the question. There is evidence of linking between sections. A Conclusion is provided which summarizes the core argument well and links back to the essay question. There is a clear attempt to select and consider key issues from the readings. Evidence of some ability to start to reflect more broadly on the implications of what they have read for our understanding of the nature of leadership and managerial work. Evidence of good academic English and expression, which will include: Very few spelling and/or grammatical errors. Words and phrases used appropriately with evidence of some sophistication. Sentences convey meaning very well. References are used within the body of the essay well to support the points made and in almost all cases are accurate and in the correct format. There is a reference list at the end of the essay and it is accurate in style and content.

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