Caramel Movie Review; the name of your film, Director, Year and the main themes (focus on gender issues than culture) thatResearch Paper

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2. Introduction in which you will include: the name of your film, Director, Year and the main themes (focus on gender issues than culture) that will be discussed on both films and the cinematography elements that emphasize those themes.
3. Brief summary of the film no more than 1/2 page.
4. Analysis of the themes one at a time intertwined with the cinematography (mise en scene) that reinforces the theme. Explain in implicit manner why according to you the director chose this particular cinematic element. How this particular C. E reinforce the theme and finally What he or she is trying to covey to his audience again according to you. give a brief example. If you use dialogue as C.E make sure you use brief quotation from the film
5. Move to the next theme etc, using the same step of # 4.
6. Only in the conclusion you need be subjective, and include your personal Opinion such as why you did like the movie or why not; which scenes and Characters, themes and (C.E) cinematic elements were your favorite and why?
Make sure you always explain the reason of your choice and defend your opinion with a solid argument.
Remember that you are inviting your read to learn about the film that he did not view .
This paper will determine your progress of culture understanding, as well as your progress of film analysis of the themes and the cinematography elements that highlight those themes and vice-versa.

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