Case Study Analysis: Presentation and Style: Logical organisation; coherence Custom Paper

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a) Summarise the reasons for Nintendo�s past strategic success.
b) Based on a strategic analysis, summarise the opportunities and threats* that Nintendo might currently be facing.
c) What strategic action must Nintendo take to be successful in future? Summarise recommendations, explaining how they are �suitable�, �acceptable� and �feasible�

* External factors
2. Assessment Criteria (i.e. how the case study analysis will be marked):
 Presentation and Style: Logical organisation; coherence & effective communication which �demonstrates a strong understanding of the strategic management discipline� (15%)
 Conforming to Instructions: Using APPROPRIATE sources/theories/models to effectively support discussion & analysis; acknowledgement IN THE TEXT (no bibliography) of sources (15%) � make sure plan not over 250 words
 Content & Knowledge: Providing clear rationale for models/frameworks; clear, accurate APPLICATION of models with critical appraisal (25%)
 Thinking, Analysis & Conclusion: Expression of arguments that are clear, coherent and tenable; well developed, analytical conclusion grounded in evidence previously provided (15%)
 Methodology: Includes effective collection & evaluation of information and/or data relating to case study organisation (15%)
 Practical/Interpersonal Skills: Making clear decisions which give due weight to alternatives; development of effective recommendations; rationale that includes evaluation of suitability, feasibility and acceptability (15%) (NB: Link also to gaining/sustaining competitive advantage)
NB: See also �Generic Assessment Criteria� (for Level 6/year 3) available on programme Clic

3. EVALUATION CRITERIA for recommendations (i.e. �Suitability; Acceptability; Feasibility�): Read �Appendix: Evaluating Strategies� (Core text 2nd Ed. �Fundamentals of Strategy� Johnson, G., Whittington, R. & Scholes, K.). The following is a summary only:
Suitability: i.e. Explain how your recommendations address key issues identified in analysis of environment

Acceptability: i.e. Explain how your recommendations will be acceptable to �key players�/stakeholders

Feasibility: i.e. Explain how your recommendations can be made to work in practice (i.e. resourcing such as finances, and implementation)

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