case study: Human Capital in the Software Industry: The case of MPC Data custom essay

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(Redman T. & Wilkinson A. (2009) Contemporary Human Resource Management, Text and Cases;3rd Ed;FT Prentice Hall, Harlow.) as well as the academic concepts taught during the Module.

The Assignment length should be 2500 words and Assignments in excess of the word limit will not be marked.

Assignment Brief:

The Assignment requires you to answer the following question:

Critically analyse, using the material in the case study, the effectiveness of the HR approach within the Organisation and if this approach adds value to human capital management.

It is expected that you will be consulting the following sources:

1. Main text books
2. Current academic articles
3. The Case Study
4. Critical text
5. Literature specifically on Human Capital Management; Mentoring; Project structures.

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