Case study (The LEGO Group: working with strategy) Research Paper

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Individual essay (Maximum of 1000 words not including the appendix) with word count given on the front page.

You are required to undertake a situation analysis of the short case study which i’ll attach it (using module theory and readings up to week 6).

You are required to read a case study and which relates to strategic issues in a global organisation and write an essay style report that addressed the following:

– Undertake a situation analysis that gives a brief overview of internal and external environment and identify the key strategic issues that the company is facing
– Discuss how the theory from the module (weeks 1-6) relates to the issues in the case study and critically assess the value and limitations of the theory, frameworks and tools
– Using the briefings that you have prepared for the tutorials apply the key points from your briefings to the case study

i’ll attach the lectures as well to take an idea

(U have to use module theories )

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