“Causation,” “Metaphors,” Assignment Essay

This week you will be required to write and submit an actual example that demonstrates one of these topics: “Causation,” “Metaphors,” or “Inductive Arguments.” as discussed from the week’s readings. This example may be something from the news, TV, work, experience, or other source. Do not use anything from an academic source on the topic. This must be a real life example so you cannot make something up. Identify the source of the example. If is personal experience, then say so. If it is from a news source or movie, identify it in the first sentence. Your weekly example should be uploaded to the Week #1 Example Dropbox by Day 6 (Saturday midnight) each week. Your example should be be one or two paragraphs of at least 200 to 300 words. Give you example a title of what topic its is covering. (for example, Self Contradiction or Contradiction in Theory, etc.). Upload the example to the dropbox designed for this week’s example.

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