Child Labour Research Paper

Hi I have previously used this site for this same unit last semester and I failed it, this is my final attempt at this unit, so I need a PASS!! I cannot afford to fail this essay. This essay is for my Business Academic Skills unit (final essay). (1000 words) ***The essay question is: Using three principles of the Global Business Standard Codex, evaluate the use of child labour in a global economy. There are 5 Required Assessment Resources that I have uploaded. (Gupta, Pirsch and Girard (2010) (Hindman and Smith (1999) (Kolk and van Tulder (2002) (Kolk and van Tulder (2004) (Wolfe and Dickson (2002) Also you must use the ‘Paine’ article that I have uploaded to get the three Principles of the Global Business Standard Codex. Use In Text Citations. This Essay must have 2 main arguments and one counter argument. Check the PDF file ”Essay Structure – Excellent Example” this is how the essay should be structured. Thank you!

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