Children And The Internet Custom Essay

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Make a power point presentation about children and the internet and give a clear and appropriate (introduction,main body,conclusion)about the topic and make sure that you must cover the following points ;

1- Explain what the major technological developments have been in the area and thier significance.
2- What limitations or proplems have these developments produced?
3- Have these developments brought more benefits or proplems?

You also have to organize the points very well.and to reference each slide with its information.inaddition to give alist of references and bibliography at the end of the presentation.

the presentation must be provided with ;

1- content(clear,relevant and appropriate.)
2- Organization and coherence ;Organization-(introduction main body,conclusion)including transiions and signposting
3- Lexecal range and accuracy(range,accuracy and appropriacy of vocabulary as related to the topic).
4- Grammatical range and accuracy.(range, accuracy and appropriacy of the grammatical structures used).

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