chinese paper cutting art Research Paper

Advice on structure & personal information Tips: A small & condensed topic is easier to handle so as to pin-point into the core discussion of a specific topic related to what had been discussed during the lectures. Content outline: 1. Introduction/foreword/preface: the purpose and intention of writing such an essay, what to achieve after this research. To what extend this study will include. 2. Chapter by chapter in paragraphs, with subtitles. 3. Conclusion: any new discovery? Any new idea? Anything yet to be dissolved? Further discussion needed? Any possible prospect or development of this aspect? 4. Footnotes & captions for illustrations 5. Reference resources: bibliography or websites, articles, periodicals, documentaries.etc. 6. Appendix: such as chronological charts, maps, pin-yin tables.etc. Topic Please compare 2 main regional paper cutting art produced by Northern & Southern folk artists in China. Attach some samples from each region respectively so as to support your view. Discuss how paper cutting design have been applied to traditional craft Production until recent development in fashion design either in mainland China or overseas.

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