choose a non-financial or real estate company that is listed on the london stock market Research Paper

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Profitabilty,short and longterm solvency working capital and investor)from the perspective of an analyst advising potential shareholders.each individal analysis must contain a conclusion detailing the results of your analysis and a recommendation with reasons as to whether they should buy shares in the are required to find the ratios off all, -1 profitability ratios(return on capital employed,gross profit margin,operating expenses margin,net profit margin)2-working capital ratios(stock days,debtor days,creditor days)3-liquidity and efficiency ratios(current ratio,acid test ratio,fixes asset turnover,total asset turnover)4-shareholder and solvency ratios(return on equity,gearing,interest cover, p/e ratio. pls all show all ur working and send me the group balance sheet /group income statement table of non-financial or real estate that you

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