Cirque du Soleil; which of them are rare/unique to Cirque du Soleil? Custom Essay

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The case of Cirque du Soleil by Thomas J. Delong, Vineeta vijayarachawan from Harvard business school.
You will apply the Resource-based framework and the VRIO model to analyze the resources of Cirque du Soleil. Please visualize your analysis in a table.

1. Identify ALL resources and capabilities possessed by Cirque du Soleil:(identify if it’s tangible or intangible resource)
a. which of them are a “must” for any cirque?
b. which of them are rare/unique to Cirque du Soleil?
2. Which of the rare resources possessed by Cirque du Soleil create value? How?
3. What is Cirque du Soleil’s core competence (if any)?
4. Identify and explain Cirque du Soleil’s VRIO framework.
Costly imitate?

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