Compare and contrast Othello and Oedipus King/Rex plays.

MLA format Compare and contrast Othello and Oedipus King/Rex plays. Below are the templates forwarded by the professor. I don’t care which method is used and long as it gets the point/thesis across. Below I am also attaching online links to both texts.I want my thesis to be centered around men and the truth and how sometime and obsession to find the truth can lead to destruction instead of enlightenment.There is a whole lot to compare and contrast in these 2 plays.Please see links to text and instructions below.Oedipus Rex: This one comes with a translation in modern EnglishThe texbook we are using is: The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature Reading.Thinking.Writing 10th Edition, by Michael Meyer. Please add this book on the reference page. I will worry about adding the page number to your citations if you highlight them, since you don’t have access to the book itself. If you actually have access to it then that would be great. CLIENT HAS NO ACCESS TO THE BOOK, His Comment follows: “I don’t have access to that book online. I have a hard copy only. However, I provided two links of the full text for both plays. If you quote it please do so. Just highlight the quote and I will find it in my hardcopy and finish citing it myself. I will figure out myself the page number you got it from in my book. As previously mentioned the full text is in the links I provided you”

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