You have to explain how to resolve corporate finance questions for each excercises:
No datas are given, but you have to explain what formula you would have used and how you would have resolved the problem if you had the data.

1) DIVIDENDS: you are given the capital expenditure and the incomre for years and you have to figure out what is the % dividend of income, when retained earnings is 60% of capital expenditure.

–> explain how you woud have done that, what equations you would have used to figure out the % dividend of income when retained earnings is 60% and that you are given the capital expenditure and income for years.
–> and what kind of data you would have needed (for example, give false data you would have needed to resolve the problem in order to explain the steps you use)

2) you are given 2 portfolios with their cash flows and you have to find NPV for the 2 portfolios at interest rate of 5%, 10%, 15%. explain what steps you would have done if you were given the 2 portfolios in order to find NPV at the different interest rates (you can create 2 fake portfolios in order to explain the steps involved)
which portfolio you would have choosen and at wat rate + graph the results

3) how would you have done to calculate RE (cost of external equity) by DCF model.(what equations would you have used and what data would you have used if you had data?)
how would you have found out new beta when new equity is raised to 35% and how would you have calculated CAPM by new beta and old beta?

can retained earnings be calculated by using DCF approach?

4) how do you calculate WACC by the equation (give an example of data in order to calculate WACC and explain teh steps when you calculate it)

for each questions, you have to explain what method you would have used, what equation, what data you would have used if you were given some data, and create fake data you would have needed in order to resolve each problem, and use your fake data in order to show the steps and calculation involved for each exercice. you have to resolve each exercises with your fake data in order to show how each problem can be resolved.

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