Cosmo Politanism Research Paper

Read Chapters 1-7 of Appiah, Kwame Anthony. (2006). Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers. W. W. Norton & Co. Paperback.
Pick a single topic from chapter 4-7 and compare it to a modern day ethical issue using the following directions and attached grading ruburic.
An opening one sentence summary in your own words of the main themes you believe are common across the readings for the evening. [It is up to you whether or not you take notes, but I am not interested in reading them. Please do not recapitulate the ?plot? of the reading for me (i.e. do not repeat what the author has said)]. This opening sentence should be a brief and compact complete sentence; it simply sets the stage for your essay.
An organizing statement for the remainder of your memo, in which you identify a) your thesis (the point of your ensuing inquiry) or the question on which your ensuing essay centers; and b) the order in which you will support that thesis or conduct that inquiry. (See item 5, and then return here; as with titles, it is best to revise the essay you have actually written, and then be sure you have written the organizing statement that corresponds to it).
The rest of your memo will either conduct an informative intellectual argument on a clear theme drawn from the reading for the day or discuss in a sustained way the practical pertinence (applications) of the reading, or both. What can be learned from this reading that is of long or short term value to administrators, or of enduring ethical or moral value to citizens, or both? (Feel free to include points of contrast, contradiction, and omission among and between the authors in the course). Use complete sentences, proper paragraphs, and so on, please. Do as much as you can to make your essay stand on its own, rather than sound like homework or a letter to me. Most important: State a clear thesis or question (#4), stick to it, develop it in an organized way, and close it out with a proper conclusion.
Full citations of the work(s) read for the evening and any others consulted are needed, both within your text (in proper format) and in a reference list on a separate page after the end of your memo.

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