Course Work: Building Services Engineering Research Paper

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The Architect has developed an outline scheme for the project and over lunch today with me, the Client, and we have agreed on the concept. You are provided with a photocopy of the napkin on which the Architect drew a felt tip pen sketch of the scheme agreed with me.

The building consists of a number of different spaces, each of which will have particular services needs. You are required to advise on the implications of the services, giving proposals for the various systems. You should therefore consider the potential needs of each space, and assess the most economic way of satisfying these individual needs, whilst developing an overall solution for the building.

When you have considered the scheme you will be able to ask questions of the client to clarify the brief, which is:

?To have a world class facility, named after the Client, with low capital and running costs and a short construction programme?.

You should advise on required space for services equipment, service routing, riser/shaft requirements etc. You should include detailed reasoning to justify your system selection to assist your case.

You are provided with an outline sketch showing the architects proposed layout for the Ground and upper floors and a cross sections. You will be required to enhance the sketch design by determining the size, number and location of stairs, lifts/escalators and toilets.

The proposal sketches are drawn at approximately 1:250 when reproduced on A3 size paper.

This is an urban site on the UCL campus with roads on 4 sides.

i just need to specify what type of lifts have to be used, and
where the mechanical and electrical (M&E) associated with them will go.

As for the fire services, look at the building regulations part B :

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