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Your assignment should be well presented you should answer the questions in sequence and present graphs, tables and equations in a Word document as appropriate. The word count should not exceed 1000 (this excludes tables and graphs). Word file containing your assignment answers. Information on the Excel file will not be marked anything that is to contribute to your final mark should be presented in the Word document. It will be your responsibility to present all your answers in the Word document. If you make a relevant calculation in Excel but do not report it in the Word document IT WILL NOT RECEIVE A MARK.

Tip: Think carefully about the best way to present the information. It is often inadvisable to simply copy and paste Excel results. It is preferable that you select the relevant information to present in tables that you have designed for the purpose.

You will be asked to collect some data to be used as part of the assignment. However, you will also need some additional data which are available
Data20 The file contains monthly data for the risk-free rate (returns on 1-month UK Treasury bills, RF) and a number of macroeconomic variables: the UK money supply M2 (in levels, LMS2), the UK index of industrial production (LIP), the UK Consumer Price Index (CPI), and the difference in yields between long- and short-dated UK bonds (TERM). The data cover the period from January 2003 to December 2011.

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