Creative Reflective Essay Research Paper

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CREATIVE REFLECTIVE ESSAY (25%, the objectives 1 to 4 of this subject) You are required to write a creative reflective essay relating your understanding to the following
prescribed readings: • Kahneman, D., Lovallo, D., Sibony, O. 2011, ‘Before you make that big decision…’,
Harvard Business Review, Vol. 89, No . 6, pp 51-60.
The article is available in pdf format on UTSOnline in the ‘Creative Reflection Essay’ folder. The length of essay should not exceed 4 pages. Font size should be Times New Roman 12 and single line spacing. You will be penalised for exceeding 4 pages. References must be supplied, using the Harvard business referencing system, where appropriate. Reference pages are not counted for page count purposes. The article titled “The Process of Creative Reflection” posted on UTSOnline provides useful guidelines for this purpose. Please ensure that you print a copy of this article and use it to guide you in writing this essay. There are also samples of reflection essays on UTSOnline for your reference.
All reports that are delivered to your lecturer late (i.e. after the beginning of the scheduled class) will incur a penalty of 10% (of 25 marks) per day. These essays are due in week 12.
Be sure in each individual paper to acknowledge fully any references (including online or web resources) or quotes you use. This gives credit to the authors you have referred to (and avoids plagiarism, which is the academic equivalent of pilfering), it provides evidence of your search for information and it provides readers with the opportunity to refer to the article.
Please use the provided Essay/Assignment cover sheet when submitting your essay/report.

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