Creatvity Related To Media Custom Essay

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In 1500-2000 word essay explore what creativity means in media and journalism
1-examine how creativity has affected the processes and products (innovation) in media
2- Real world examples of creativity (innovation) will be an important part of your analysis of creativity .
I want out line
1- with topic sentence of each paragraph in full
2-list key ideas
3-list the direct quotes in full with with inverted commas and citation s
4- Reference list of all cited materials at least 8-12 references from academic sources.
In body paragraph 1 I want explain creativity in general and in journalism
In body paragraph 2 i want explain how everyone can be a journalist in today life in YouTube for example can record or film any event and published to million people
In body paragraph 3 i want describe “kony 2012″ in Uganda
And how one creative video in YouTube made all the world try to help Uganda including president Obama ,in this paragraph using media and news paper article as a references is ok.
This website to understand what i mean
I want all paragraphs mention to creativity
I want 3 or 4 subtopic and around 20 citations in essay, every paragraph 2 citations
The format should be APA

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