Criminal justice. Final exam – 4 essays

DO NOT POST THE ESSAYS! We’ll email them to the client and he’ll post them himself.The class is called capstone seminar 415. The exam is under discussion. 4 essays, No less than 2 pages each = 8 pages in total. In your final exam, you are expected to write four short essays on the following four topics:Shaw & McKay’s study of delinquents in Chicago provides a platform for reexamining many American theories about the causes of crime. Why? Please explain it in a short essay. Using the arguments by Holmes, discuss the difference between the law created by legislators and the law created by judges. How would you explain big-city policing? Make sure that you include the arguments by Fogelson in your essay. How did Clemmer explain human behavior? What were the basic factors behind human behavior according to Clemmer? You can use your textbook, but use your own words and build your own arguments. No need to cite a source. Please use Times New Roman 12Book to be used ( Panzarella, R. & Vona, D. (2013). Criminal justice masterworks: A history of ideas about crime, law, police and corrections?):

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