Criminal justice program review Essay Help

Review all your criminal justice classes at the # of Phoenix. Discuss the top five or more classes, (classes to reference, Cultural Diversity in criminal justice, Ethics in criminal justice, Contemporary issues in criminal justice, Organizational behavior and management in criminal justice, Criminal justice policy analysis) or other experiences that will influence your current or future career. If some courses have already influenced your career, you may discuss those, too. Summarize your paper with advice you would give to a new UoP Criminal Justice program student about how to complete the program successfully. If you use previous texts, posts, or lecture notes, be sure to use proper APA citations and references. Papers should be 1100 words or more. Submit to the Assignments section of the eCampus by Monday, Day 7. Six points of grading are for topic clarity and the connections between coursework and real-world applications. Two points are for practical advice to new students. Two points are for writing mechanics.

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