Criteria Of PURCHASE Research Paper

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How we think about decisions changes over time for a variety of reasons; and it comes back down to criteria.

For this assignment, I?d like for you to revisit a past purchase decision. Describe the product/services and why you wanted/needed it (make sure you specify whether it was a want or a need). Describe the process you went through; did you determine criteria? Compare brands/models? Talk to friends/family? For the second part of this assignment, reflect on what effect marketing/advertising had on you (if any). Did you realize it had the effect at the time? Also, based on your life experience or things you learned in this class, would you change the purchase decision today? If so, how? Why?

The content of your paper should be 200-400 words.
If you use any sources, you must cite your paper and include a source list at the end

Please use source(s) from online news source only.

Write possibly about getting a second blackberry noneninezerozero (9900) even though the first one was easily broke.

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